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Are you excited to learn Reiki? Reiki is a natural energy that flows throughout the Universe. Many people are excited to learn the healing practice of Reiki. Reiki gently uplifts and supports the body’s natural self healing ability.

When your life-force energy is in balance and flowing freely, your vibration naturally raises and you are healthy and happy. If your life-force energy or vibration is low or has resistance, you are vulnerable to illness, fatigue, anxiety and stress.

Originally from Japan and founded by Mikao Usui, Usui Reiki Ryoho (Reiki) is a spiritually based self-care practice, that was initially intended for self-development and self-healing. Reiki was a practice focussed on healing one’s own inner self, to reach ‘satori’ or ‘enlightenment’. With Reiki we are combining the earth energy, with the heaven energy, within our heart centre. Reiki is in essence, about rediscovering, reconnecting and returning to one’s true self. Reiki healing begins with you.

Reiki principles, meditation techniques, symbols and mantras, Reiju or initiation/attunement and hands-on-healing, are all components of the Reiki system and can help guide us towards our true selves. Many people associate Reiki with the hands-on-healing aspect and enjoy the health benefits from receiving Reiki. They may not be aware that there are other elements that make up the Reiki system.

When you begin your journey with Reiki it evolves uniquely unto you. Many people experience peace, joy, happiness, and a sense of contentment that comes with regular Reiki practice. We may find that we become kinder, more forgiving and loving towards ourselves and each other. It can bring relief and balance to yourself and others, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It naturally soothes resistance, allowing your life-force energy to flow more freely and your vibration to raise. Reiki is a gentle, loving energy.

I look forward to meeting you soon. If you have a disability please let me know at the time of booking your class, so that I may be able to accomodate your needs best. Thank you.

A dedicated space for the Little Reiki Retreat is currently being built and we look forward to opening in November 2019.

Usui Reiki Ryoho Classes & Levels

Learning Reiki is simple and easy. Reiki classes are small, self-contained and are held in-person at the Little Reiki Retreat, taking place over two days, Saturday and Sunday from 10am - 4pm. You will find your learning environment to be supportive, relaxed, caring and fun. Ongoing support with your Reiki practice is also offered along with joining the Reiki share group for ongoing learning.

Certification of completion is given with each level and is recognised by Reiki New Zealand Incorporated. Evidence of successful completion is required to advance to the next level.

Reiki I

Introduces you to the history and development of Usui Reiki, Reiki principles, self-development and self-healing, Reiki practice and hands-on-healing. You receive the First Attunement, a course manual and Certificate for Usui Reiki Ryoho I.

Cost $150 NZD

Reiki II

Introduces you to Usui Reiki energetic symbols and tools, spiritual ethics, principles of good practice, energetic etiquette for hands-on-healing, distance Reiki and Reiki practice. Reiki Level II empowers you to facilitate Reiki safely and effectively to benefit yourself and others. Reiki II enables you to set-up the foundation of a professional Reiki practice. You receive the Second Attunement, course manual and Certificate for Usui Reiki Ryoho II.

Cost $200 NZD

Reiki III A

Enables you to practice at the level of Reiki Master and supports your deepening commitment to the Reiki practice. You receive the Third Attunement, course manual and the Masters Certificate for Usui Reiki Ryoho III A.

Cost $200 NZD

Reiki III B

Enables you to teach Reiki to others as a Reiki Master Teacher. To complete Reiki Master Teacher training a commitment to ongoing learning, training and study is required.

Cost $300 NZD


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