A modern approach to an ancient art



Reiki for you

Reiki is a well-known healing modality. The Reiki energy flows easily and is gentle, calming, uplifting and healing. It promotes restoration of your mind, body and spirit. When you are relaxed and soothed, your body, emotions and mental state also relax and heal. Reiki helps you re-balance, re-adjust, and re-align to your own sense of well-being and connection with the Universe, allowing for a greater sense of happiness within your own life.

Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-intrusive energy healing modality, without pressure, manipulation or massage. A Reiki healing session is simple, you can either lie on a massage table or sit in a chair and you remain fully clothed for your session. As the Reiki practitioner I place my hands gently on or off your body.

The Reiki energy flows intelligently and intuitively, it knows where to go and it works holistically with you on all levels. Reiki helps to harmonise and re-balance your whole self and always works for the highest good of the person receiving it. Distance Reiki healing can also take place if you are not able to visit in person, as energy can travel anywhere.

You may feel great after only one or two Reiki sessions, however it is good to keep in mind that regular sessions of Reiki are beneficial to your overall wellness. You may also wish to learn Reiki so you can continue regular self-care Reiki treatments at home. Reiki in the community can also be arranged, additional costs for travel and time will be incurred, please contact me if you would like this option. If you have a disability please let me know at the time of booking your appointment, so that I may be able to accomodate your needs best.

A dedicated space for the Little Reiki Retreat is currently being built and we look forward to opening in November 2019.



The De-Power Hour

Would you like to experience Reiki for yourself? Are you intrigued to know how “good” you could possibly feel after a Reiki session? Book the De-Power Hour and experience the hands-on-healing energy of Reiki.

Distance Reiki is also available for those who cannot attend in person. Or you might like to ‘gift’ a session to someone.

Approx. 50 minutes of Reiki

1 hour | Cost $60NZD



Re-tune and Re-align

Re-balance and Re-align with the healing power of Reiki.

Approx. 60 minutes of Reiki + insights.

1.5 hours | Cost $85NZD



Re-connect and Re-store

Re-connect and Re-store with a restorative and empowering Reiki session.

Approx. 60 minutes of Reiki + insights.

2 hours | Cost $110NZD



Re-focus and Re-define

Re-focus and Re-define includes a combination of meditation, Reiki, insights, time in nature, etc. This is an opportunity for you to take time out from your day, un-rushed, to relax and reconnect to who you truly are in a beautiful setting at the Little Reiki Retreat. Refreshments/lunch included.

Approximately 60 mins of Reiki.

3 hours | Cost $200NZD



Happy Clients


“As a Reiki Master and Master Teacher for many years, I have known, both in New Zealand and in the USA, many admirable Reiki practitioners whom I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone seeking Reiki, intuitive guidance, or both.  I am very pleased to have found Dionne Norman to be an unusually gifted, dedicated, personable and effective Reiki practitioner, and have found her work to be exceptionally deep, powerful, gentle and comforting. 

Dionne is a very gifted and accurate intuitive who relays messages from a pure Spiritual Source. In my experience, the guidance Dionne transmits is invariably relevant, practical, and uplifting. I enthusiastically recommend Dionne to people desiring healing, inspiration, and intuitive counsel. I have the utmost respect for Dionne and value her especially for her kindness, graciousness, and the warmth she extends to all who come to her.”

- Dr Ann Kerwin


“Dee’s ‘Little Reiki Retreat’ is truly magical, the setting in the Kaimai ranges is stunning, you instantly feel like you’re in a different world and free to relax and just be. Dee has an amazing energy, she truly cares about people and is passionate about helping others, her positive energy, compassion and authentic nature make healing natural to her. Dee’s energy pours into her healing session, I felt many benefits during my session and went through many different emotions, feeling lighter in myself at the end and continued to feel the benefits for days/weeks afterwards. During the time I’ve known Dee she has always had an interest in energy healing and an ability to tune into others in a very special way, so it is wonderful to see Dee doing what she loves with her ‘Little Reiki Retreat’. 

I recently enjoyed some very special time in Dee’s ‘Secret Garden’ near her ‘Little Reiki Retreat’, I sat bathed in the sun enjoying the tranquillity of the beautiful scenery and sound of the river  – healing on top of healing.”

- Jane Hall


“Such a beautiful and healing experience. I felt so relaxed and peaceful. Dionne gave great insights after the session. Thank you!”

- Kelly Francis


“From our very first connection this extremely gifted, bubbly and beautiful lady Dee Dee has been an absolute angel. She continually teaches and guides me with her profound kindness and depth of wisdom. Being in Dee’s company whether it be, on the phone, video call, the same room, a loving smile across the room, a heartfelt deep hug or receiving blissful healing, I always feel up lifted and brighter.

Dee’s magic soul and hands profoundly yet VERY powerfully helped heal my recovering body, after years of big surgeries and procedures. One of the most magical moments was after my last of many surgeries, Dee’s divinely warm healing hands REALLY got my system back on track and connected again, within hours in fact. My body had been heavily compromised for years. Dee’s abilities have made very positive differences to my soul, my body and my life mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Everything is possible with Dee, having had many phenomenal experiences, whether it be lighting up a room ready for a presentation, meeting, appointment or interview, clearing unwanted energy, connecting with and healing your pets, healing and having insights with your health blockages and challenges being physical or emotional, planting and nurturing your land. Having difficult decisions to make, tough conversations to have, long journeys to get through, Dee’s heart is open for your highest good. I am extremely grateful and feel very privileged to be touched by such magic and to have such a super-cali-fragilistic-expialidocious amazing friend. Not forgetting how many giggles and fun we have had”.

- Morgan Geldard


“My greatest gift to give, is my happiness”

- Abraham-Hicks