A modern approach to an ancient art



A modern approach to an ancient art

Are you searching for a natural and gentle way to support your own self-healing? Are you interested in Reiki for yourself, your family or maybe you want to help others?

Reiki is a natural, vibrational, energy healing practice that supports the body’s natural self healing ability. The Reiki ‘universal life-force energy’ flows freely and abundantly all around you and translates as ‘spiritual energy’. It’s an energy that supports life and is part of a greater consciousness. Sometimes with the stresses of our modern world we forget to tap into this unseen and loving Universal energy. When we are in alignment, we feel connected to who we are and to each other, and we handle our everyday life stresses better.

When your energy is in balance and flowing freely, your vibration naturally raises and you’re healthy and happy. When your energy is low or has resistance, you’re vulnerable to illness, fatigue, anxiety, depression and stress. Reiki can bring relief and balance to yourself and others, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki works on all levels, it naturally soothes resistance, allowing your energy to flow freely and your vibration to raise. Reiki is a gentle, loving energy.


Experience Reiki

Visit the Little Reiki Retreat and choose the Reiki experience that’s best for you.

Learn Reiki

Help yourself, family, friends, other people, animals and the world with Reiki.

Practice Reiki

Connect with other like-minded Reiki souls. Join our Reiki share group.


Reiki Origins

Originally from Japan and founded by Mikao Usui, Usui Reiki Ryoho (Reiki) was initially intended for self-development and self-healing. Reiki was a practice focussed on healing one’s own inner self, to reach ‘satori’ or ‘enlightenment’. Reiki in essence is about rediscovering, reconnecting and returning to one’s true self.

Reiki principles, meditation techniques, symbols and mantras, Reiju or initiation/attunement and hands-on-healing, are all components of the Reiki system and can help guide us back to our true selves. Many people associate Reiki with the hands-on-healing aspect and enjoy the health benefits from receiving Reiki.

Hands-on healing can be done either on the body or off the body, in person or via distance healing. You remain fully clothed for a Reiki session. Hands-on-healing can be an effective way to calm and relax
the mind and body.


“Dionne is a very gifted and accurate intuitive who relays messages from a pure Spiritual Source. In my experience, the guidance Dionne transmits is invariably relevant, practical, and uplifting. I enthusiastically recommend Dionne to people desiring healing, inspiration, and intuitive counsel.”

- Dr Ann Kerwin